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Oneonta Junior/Senior High School

Initiating a program to expand and enhance its secondary curriculum, the Oneonta City School District launched a multiple-phase building project at its Junior/Senior High School. As part of this endeavor, a wing dedicated to science education was added to the facility.

The science wing rooms are arrayed about a central commons, located at the intersection of two corridors. Combination classroom/laboratory areas are provided for each of five science specialties. Pairs of these classroom-labs each share an experiment preparation/office area and a science project center. Science project centers are designed for students to engage in individual, specialized, and advanced study. Viewing windows between the project centers and adjacent classrooms allow for visual contact and teacher supervision. The entire facility is wired for the latest in computer technology.

A 100-seat amphitheater features radially tiered lecture seating and a rear projection system for effective large-group multimedia presentations. The contoured plaster ceiling is designed to project the presenter's voice to all areas of the room. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels help minimize reverberation to enhance sound quality.

Skylighted corridors lead to pyramidal roofed commons. Clerestory windows introduce additional natural light. Floors are terrazzo for long-term durability. In the commons, custom-designed "bay window" display units showcase science projects.

The building's exterior is enlivened with contour and multicolor patterned brick. Box bay windows with colorful frames illuminate the classroom-labs. A standing seam metal roof tops the commons.

The new science wing provides the district with a state-of-the-art facility, attracting faculty from a local university to serve as guest lecturers and teachers.
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